Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When the Beatles are Authority

Dylan kept bobbin his new blue head
While the Apache uttered an ancient curse
Paul had a real bad day
Coz the blackbird gorged his eys

Three men in the damp veranda
Decorated by bloody nostrils
John went out tiger hunting
Coz his coat was too dry

The duet basked in the greenhouse
While the chapel sang a lullaby
George kept a perch out in the jungle
Coz the poacher stole the black dye

The solitude of the quaint hermit's theophany
Was unmasked by the hungry binary
Ringo died of bubonic plague
Coz the Templar defied the sacred moon

In the course of History and divine authority
Never a Human involved
So many bloody war games
While peace is but sympathy's pride

While his martyred carcass lay in the museum
Adorned with the mighty pharaoh's scarab
His pen cured the lame
And his parchment adorned the northern sky

The mad frechman lay in a dream
While the Jew freed his mind
Only to have bar-mitzbah dead
And the clan hath no pride

Dance with us he told Judah
Hashem loves us all
Lets play the game my brother
And lets sing them a lullaby

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