Sunday, May 16, 2010

The monologue of the radiant angel

Her seraphimic nostrils emerge out of the undergrowth
The gardens of hell glance from all quarters
And from its deepest pits ascends deadly fragrance
Of the remains of an untainted sacrifice

Her eyes are cooler than the smooth summer breeze
Yet the thermal oppression bulge them out of their sockets
The vital ingredient has the semblance of the ancient master
And he heals yet another fortuitous being

Her smooth teeth lie in despair at their condition
And seek to idolize a Noseferatu
But wisdom has her own magnificent ways
And brings permanence to the unreal

Her delicate nails slowly fade away
And wicked metals seize the diabolical opportunity
She glances with tears at her razor sharp claws
But they destroy her menacing obstacles

Her life that is engraved upon the red fluid
Seeks to become her ultimate authority
Its quest for autonomy does not go unpunished
When it coddles into a giant blue mass

Oh its wicked influence has overcome her being
Her lovely ladylike voice is now a baritone
The red demon breaks emits a nasty radiance
That blinds the powerpuff girl within her

Her ears now rebel against her benevolent authority
And looks to the mighty elephant for inspiration
Now the winds commands its destiny
And they flap rhythmically to its immortal song

Oh where can the center of her consciousness dwell?
When its vital organ oozes out of their shell
The forlorn in a desert road is now its habitat
And a nasty cactus now sits upon the throne

The dark crown upon her hair is her only ally
They form tentacles that aid her conscience
They clutch everything that is stable around her
Even the dry winds, the desert insects and the lone chameleon

Oh that her restlessness is now visible
Her soul now seeks freedom with all its being
The darkness brings life to her hair
And it travels seeking life, truth and wisdom

Her precious soul has now given up her dreams
Psychedelic hues now take control
Even the poems of John and Yoko are of no avail
Yet she beholds Oswald devouring icing and coco on Pogo

And her innocence is now her strength
It springs into life after deriving strength from love
The source is her vision of life that is among Humans
Children now play, lambs now leap, lovers now love and mothers now care

As purity descends within the depth of her heart
She now dreams about true love and wonders
What lies ahead of this dark crevice?
What story do her stars seek to narrate?

She opens her eyes and beholds the epic lovers
Romeo and Juliet, yes they forget movie songs
Although time seeks to destroy beauty
They know that the dice was loaded from the start

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The march of the redundant Camel

Hear the jingle of the mighty hoof
Ripe for harvesting we were told
A sad tear rolled down those eyes
Wisdom crowned the mighty beast

Lawrance bid him a sad farewell
While the hungry Bedouin sang his praise
The last cacti lend his precious leaf
And the palm tree his bleak shadow

A thousand lambs on fire
Incense ascends to the heavens
As the great sheik drank the blood
And slaughtered his paternal instincts

Lets march towards Samarkand once more
The mighty horde pierced through the iron gate
They awoke the old beast with opium
And he marched one last time

His hungry master lay faint on his tired back
As the horde got ready to feast
And with a great cry of agony the beast sped forward
As the desert sand did blind the young stallion

In the Great Khan's tent lay the sleeping princess
Their mighty darts pierced through the Bedouin's forehead
The beast wept for just one instant
And his weary hoof led the great elephant

The mighty Khan did behead the Sheik
And drank from his decaying skull
But Vincent the Camel marched on
And died in the bosom of his princess

The nomads were offered to the mighty wolf
And his wicked fang spared none
The princess could not be consoled
For she knew that it him that she loved the most

The maidens of Persia mourn for their lost princess
But she spent a life of solitude in the desert caves
Yes the wolf did eat the camel's flesh
But the princess escaped the wrath of her enemy

His voice echoes in the dead of the night
Protecting his dear princess's gentle body
Forever a virgin and never decaying
The grand old mountains tell us this story

The terrible sun did bow down
And Narcissus hung his head in shame
The canticle of the wretched creature
Would torment man forever

Oh the soul of Vincent the Camel
Noblest of all God's creatures
Cries in pain when Eve is defiled
The Human male is destined to die

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When the Beatles are Authority

Dylan kept bobbin his new blue head
While the Apache uttered an ancient curse
Paul had a real bad day
Coz the blackbird gorged his eys

Three men in the damp veranda
Decorated by bloody nostrils
John went out tiger hunting
Coz his coat was too dry

The duet basked in the greenhouse
While the chapel sang a lullaby
George kept a perch out in the jungle
Coz the poacher stole the black dye

The solitude of the quaint hermit's theophany
Was unmasked by the hungry binary
Ringo died of bubonic plague
Coz the Templar defied the sacred moon

In the course of History and divine authority
Never a Human involved
So many bloody war games
While peace is but sympathy's pride

While his martyred carcass lay in the museum
Adorned with the mighty pharaoh's scarab
His pen cured the lame
And his parchment adorned the northern sky

The mad frechman lay in a dream
While the Jew freed his mind
Only to have bar-mitzbah dead
And the clan hath no pride

Dance with us he told Judah
Hashem loves us all
Lets play the game my brother
And lets sing them a lullaby

Thursday, March 18, 2010

To my Dear sister

You where there beside me all my life
My ups and downs and through pain and sorrow
You sweet innocent presence lit my day
Although I took you for granted most of the times
I do not wish to play with words here
Nor do I want a great set of words to decorate this work
But all I want to tell you is that I love you
And the two years without you was miserable


Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Nacked Night

Exposed and ravished the whore strikes back
Adorns a gown of virginity
And shines with the brightness of light
Having virtues that are written on a rock

Dive into her beauty
Gaze at her mystery
Rejoice in her infinity
And bathe in her simplicity

When the daylight adorns her garb
There is glory when her stars disappears
The sun intensifies her power
Is the night truely day?

All walks of life live for her
Everything glorifies her intensity
Aided by darkness and light
Her pure mystery beautifies the air

Is that the wisdom you love?
Is that the knowledge that is immortal?
Is that the power that will triumph?
Is that the purity that strengthens you?

The fig leaves were fortresses
The universe folded like an illusion
Everything is nacked in his sight
So put off the nasty whore