Thursday, April 29, 2010

The march of the redundant Camel

Hear the jingle of the mighty hoof
Ripe for harvesting we were told
A sad tear rolled down those eyes
Wisdom crowned the mighty beast

Lawrance bid him a sad farewell
While the hungry Bedouin sang his praise
The last cacti lend his precious leaf
And the palm tree his bleak shadow

A thousand lambs on fire
Incense ascends to the heavens
As the great sheik drank the blood
And slaughtered his paternal instincts

Lets march towards Samarkand once more
The mighty horde pierced through the iron gate
They awoke the old beast with opium
And he marched one last time

His hungry master lay faint on his tired back
As the horde got ready to feast
And with a great cry of agony the beast sped forward
As the desert sand did blind the young stallion

In the Great Khan's tent lay the sleeping princess
Their mighty darts pierced through the Bedouin's forehead
The beast wept for just one instant
And his weary hoof led the great elephant

The mighty Khan did behead the Sheik
And drank from his decaying skull
But Vincent the Camel marched on
And died in the bosom of his princess

The nomads were offered to the mighty wolf
And his wicked fang spared none
The princess could not be consoled
For she knew that it him that she loved the most

The maidens of Persia mourn for their lost princess
But she spent a life of solitude in the desert caves
Yes the wolf did eat the camel's flesh
But the princess escaped the wrath of her enemy

His voice echoes in the dead of the night
Protecting his dear princess's gentle body
Forever a virgin and never decaying
The grand old mountains tell us this story

The terrible sun did bow down
And Narcissus hung his head in shame
The canticle of the wretched creature
Would torment man forever

Oh the soul of Vincent the Camel
Noblest of all God's creatures
Cries in pain when Eve is defiled
The Human male is destined to die

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