Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Nacked Night

Exposed and ravished the whore strikes back
Adorns a gown of virginity
And shines with the brightness of light
Having virtues that are written on a rock

Dive into her beauty
Gaze at her mystery
Rejoice in her infinity
And bathe in her simplicity

When the daylight adorns her garb
There is glory when her stars disappears
The sun intensifies her power
Is the night truely day?

All walks of life live for her
Everything glorifies her intensity
Aided by darkness and light
Her pure mystery beautifies the air

Is that the wisdom you love?
Is that the knowledge that is immortal?
Is that the power that will triumph?
Is that the purity that strengthens you?

The fig leaves were fortresses
The universe folded like an illusion
Everything is nacked in his sight
So put off the nasty whore

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